April 29, 2012

Artsy Fartsy

Tank has never enjoyed art in the traditional sense. He can build a mean LEGO creation. He scribbles with intensity. But he's never shown a desire to sit down and draw "things." Developmentally, it seems, school teachers and doctors want him to be able to draw certain "things" by a certain age. He's supposed to meet developmental milestones- draw a straight line by 3, draw a remedial stick person by 4, or whatever.

Tank just isn't into it.

When asked to draw something specific he will do it haphazardly and monochromatically. Then he goes back to building LEGOS.

Recently he brought home a folder full of squiggly art from school. He shuffled it towards me while mumbling that he didn't like art.

I pulled up a chair and looked at his work, filled with beautiful abstract pieces of color and swirl. Maybe he intended to scribble and thought nothing of it. But I took the moment to instill some pride in his chosen medium.

I got the computer and loaded up images of Picasso and Jackson Pollock. I tried, with my limited knowledge, to explain the difference between realism, impressionism and abstract art. I explained that more than anything else, art is about expression, beautiful depending on who is looking at it, who it moves.

He beamed and has been scribbling more ever since.

And now when his teachers ask him what he's drawing he smiles with pride and says, "it's abstract art inspired by Pollock."

Scribble on, son. Scribble on.

Inspired by Pollock

My favorite "Picasso"


M. King said...

My Hunter was the same way. But both of my kids favorite piece of art is hanging in their bathroom. I bought cheap canvas, and some acrylics, and told them to paint a picture of them doing something to get dirty. I got two very different pictures (a big birthday cake and a girl covered in its frosting and a family camping) I pieced it together my them helping me with a more abstract (and larger canvas) with all sorts of splatters and smears, then painted "splish, splash, I think we need a bath" on it. We have purchased 4 more smaller canvas's to create more "getting dirty pictures". The kids both can't wait to paint them. And my Hunter has started to draw a lot more, but before the getting dirty project he felt like his art work wasn't good enough, or perfect so his solution was not to do it. Scribbles are something, even in a world that demands to know what it is.

Jeanne said...

You really know your kid, don't you? Most of my little lectures to Anne sent her running the opposite direction.

Life in the Mom Lane said...

I try, as we all do. I think it's important to let him explore and not squash his creativity, ya' know?

Kirsten said...

u are a GEM - and I really like "Inspired by Pollock"

Kelly Stilwell said...

He's actually quite good! Try marbles and a splatter of paint and let him roll them around. Fun!!

Life in the Mom Lane said...

Great idea with the marbles!!

Gina said...

Found you on the May 2012 blog hop. Anyway- my son is the exact same way! Except it is not legos, it is cars. My husband and I think that it is not that he cannot draw, he is just not interested right now. Your little boy draw beautifully. I have heard and agree that creativity is damaged with rigid art guidelines. Keep scribbling!

Kelly Stilwell said...

Awesome post!Let them scribble! And we he's a little older, you can put marbles in a shallow box over a piece of paper, add a few tablespoons of paint,and do exactly what Pollock did with one of his creations!